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December 12, 2022
Web Development
Express B

01. The Challenge & Solution

Express B Bakery is a small bakery located in a suburban area with a loyal customer base. The owners wanted to expand their reach and attract new customers by establishing an online presence. They approached Metaget Infosoft, a digital marketing agency, to design and develop a website that would showcase their products and services and drive online traffic to their store.

The challenge was to create a website that would appeal to both existing and potential customers while reflecting the bakery’s unique brand identity. The website needed to be visually engaging, easy to navigate, and optimized for search engines to increase online visibility. Additionally, the website had to be mobile-friendly, as a significant percentage of potential customers would access the site through their smartphones.

The solution was to design and develop a modern, user-friendly website that captured the essence of Express B Bakery’s brand. To achieve this, Metaget Infosoft worked closely with the bakery owners to understand their vision and goals for the website. The design team created a custom website theme that incorporated the bakery’s signature color scheme and aesthetic. They also optimized the website for SEO, ensuring that potential customers could find the bakery easily through search engines.

Metaget Portfolio

02. Working Process

Metaget Infosoft followed a well-defined process to deliver the project within the agreed timeline and budget. Here are the steps that the team took:

a) Planning: The team began by understanding the bakery’s requirements and goals for the website. They conducted extensive research to identify the target audience and competition. The team developed a project plan and timeline, which included regular client meetings and progress reports.

b) Design: The design team created several mockups of the website, incorporating the bakery’s brand identity and aesthetic. The team worked with the client to refine the design until they were satisfied with the final product.

c) Development: Once the design was approved, the development team began building the website. They used WordPress, a popular CMS platform, to develop a custom website theme that was responsive and optimized for search engines. The team also integrated features such as a store locator, online ordering, and a contact form.

d) Testing and Launch: After the website was developed, the team conducted extensive testing to ensure that it was functioning correctly and met the client’s requirements. Once the testing was complete, the team launched the website and provided training to the bakery staff on how to update the content and manage the website.

03. Perfect Result

The result of the project was a modern, user-friendly website that captured the essence of Express B Bakery’s brand. The website showcased the bakery’s products and services in a visually appealing way, and the user interface was intuitive and easy to navigate. The website was optimized for search engines, resulting in increased online visibility and traffic. The mobile-friendly design ensured that customers could access the site on their smartphones, leading to increased sales and revenue for the bakery.

The website also included features such as an online ordering system and a store locator, making it easy for customers to place orders and find the bakery’s physical location. The website was a significant success, and the bakery’s owners were delighted with the final product.

04. Conclusion

Metaget Infosoft successfully designed and developed a custom website for Express B Bakery, meeting the client’s requirements and goals. The website resulted in increased online visibility, traffic, and revenue for the bakery, and the client was delighted with the outcome.